Drive. Personal service. Customizable technology.

DataVerify has a simple philosophy – pay careful attention to detail, provide superior service, and deliver flexible solutions tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. These values form the core of DataVerify's operation.

Spirit of Innovation.

DataVerify's technology solution is focused on identifying borrowers and loan participants who may represent an increased risk to your portfolio, whether that risk is "fraud for housing" or "fraud for profit." As our name implies, data verification is at the heart of our service. Our business objectives include:

> Providing you with a consistent, customizable, and intuitive risk management platform that incorporates multiple functions and
iiiiservices in one easy-to-use system
> Enabling you to incorporate your preferred vendors in our vendor-neutral platform
> Helping you reduce costs by improving workflow and optimizing process improvement
> Aiding your efforts to improve loan performance and reduce and/or eliminate loan repurchases
> Delivering an audit and tracking mechanism to aid your efforts in complying with CFPB and Government
iiiiSponsored Enterprise requirements

Your operation depends on having access to a risk mitigation tool that is reliable, scalable, and capable of addressing unforeseen interruptions. That's why DataVerify has developed a comprehensive business continuity plan and a rigorous process for monitoring system availability and platform functionality.


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