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The heart of our technolgical advantage is the DRIVE® platform—a single-source, proprietary enterprise-wide application that can be tailored to meet the specific risk conditions for your changing market requirements. Our unique design enables you to use the DRIVE system across the consumer and real estate lending spectrum to streamline your process, improve efficiency, and help reduce risk.

Industry-leading analytics.

The DRIVE platform automates the manual underwriting process and applies at the outset the rigors of a forensic mortgage loan review to assist users avoid loan quality issues. The DRIVE system is based on a set of rules that a human expert would follow in diagnosing a problem. One of the strengths of the DataVerify system is its ability to compare results from many different databases for the same risk factor to confirm or deny its existence.

The DRIVE system features a complete audit trail to track all changes within the platform by date and time the action was initiated and completed, and by whom.

Our fully automated platform enables you to complete a comprehensive application analysis by verifying:

> Borrower and participant identity
> Borrower supplied 1003 application information
> Employment and income
> Property valuation and market risk
> Collateral
> Changes in the borrower's assets and liabilities throughout the origination process

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A real-time resource for identity verification and fraud detection

> Verifies OFAC and the Red Flags Rules
Confirms SSA Issuance & SSA Death Master
> Validates name, address, SSN, DOB & phone number
> Validates against industry watch lists

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Evaluates the risk associated with identity, occupancy, employment, income, and participants within a loan file

> Employment/Income
> Credit reports
> Occupancy
> Undisclosed properties, debt, and more

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The most comprehensive market and subject analysis

> Scoring results and conditions
> Subject transaction history
> Market analysis
> Comparable sales
> Recent market foreclosure activity
> Market nearby sales
> Subject characteristics
> Buyers and sellers
> County tax assessment

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